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When should flavored condoms be used?

When should flavored condoms be used?

Flavored condoms have a variety of flavors ranging from sweet scents to fruity scents. Condoms with a scent like sweet candy are considered so as not to mind the rubber smell. The odor of the rubber of the condom is unique. I also hear the story "I can not concentrate on sex with the smell of condoms in my way", and I am not good at smelling condoms. When I put it on my fingers I will get the smell of condoms by all means, and I smell condoms all the time during sex. Certainly I can not concentrate on sex.

If you use flavored condoms at such time you will lose the smell of rubber, you can enjoy more sweet scent and various fragrances. The favorite partner and the favorite fragrance match and further the sex time is excited.

There are also couples that use condoms for oral sex, not just insertions. Ordal sex with regular condoms is also many women resistant from the smell of rubber. But by using flavored condoms, when used at the time of oral sex the penis turns into a sweet sweet. Even if swallowed, it can be licked with ease because it is made of ingredients that are okay. You can concentrate on each other just by reducing the smell of rubber and penis smell, and further deepening each other's love.

As a caution, condoms used once in oral sex are to change to new on insertion. The contraceptive effect will be lowered because there is a possibility that the condom is damaged by teeth or friction etc.

In condoms frequently used in India, various condoms are sold and we can purchase online or at a shop. However, most of condoms currently on sale are made of latex and smell of rubber. What flavored condoms frees from such a smell of rubber.

Condoms are established as men's prepared, but women can purchase condoms of their favorite fragrance online on their own. Of course there is no problem with either purchase and there are flavored condoms to enjoy the two sex time. I'd love to send you a wonderful sex Indian life with flavored condoms.

What is the smell of condoms? Is it a rubbery smell?

What is the smell of condoms? Is it a rubbery smell?

Condoms are made of different materials. Almost all the latex condom has a smell like a rubber. Majority of a condom has made with natural rubber, so it smells like a rubber. 90 % of the condoms are made with latex, which smells more or less like a rubber. Many people do not like the rubbery smell. Some people also cause many types of allergic to rubber smell. The people who have an allergy to rubber smell does not feel comfortable with latex condom during sexual activity. In this case, a couple can use the condom which is not made of rubber or smell like a rubber. There are many different types of condom are available. The people who have an allergy to latex condom or rubber made condom can use the other type condom like non-latex condom, silicone condom. Since flavoured condom and ribbed condom are scents and smells, many are using latex. Similarly, for kohinoor condom, you may choose a latex-free one in the brand. It will be a best condoms for you.

In the market there are many condom products are available which add fragrance and taste, so that people who do not like the rubber smell, can use the fragrance added condom comfortably and easily. The couple who care about the smell of rubber can purchase the condom which adds fragrance to it. The couple can easily purchase the fragrance added condom from online or from the shop. While purchasing the condom, it is important for the couple to select the correct size.

What is a condom that does not smell Rubber?

What is a condom that does not smell Rubber?

The non-latex condom does not smell like a rubber. As discusses above 90 % condoms are made with latex i.e. 10 % condoms are made with non-latex material or any other material. The condom which is made with non-latex material does not smell like a rubber. Non-latex condom generally made with polyurethane. Some of the non-latex condoms are also made with "iR" isoprene rubber. The condom which is made with non-latex are stronger and thinner when compare to latex condom. The polyurethane-made condom is also excellent in heat conduction. The non-latex material does not contain any rubber, so it also does not cause any allergic reaction or skin problem like itching, burning, dryness, lesions of skin etc. The non-latex condom is durable. Because non-latex condom is durable, it is also used for a long-term sex play.

Most of the non-latex condom is self-lubricated, so the couple does not need to apply the lubricant. If they want to apply, then they can apply the lubricant according to their choice. If a couple uses the silicone made condom then, in this case, avoid using the silicone-based lubricant. If you use silicone based lubricant with silicone made condom then the condom get damage. So it is better to use water-based lubricant with silicone made condom.

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

The non-latex condom has greatest features. The material used to make the non-latex condom are very soft and high grade. The non-latex condoms are made with high-grade materials. The notion latex condom does not have a rubber smell, so it does not make any rubber allergies.

The benefits of using the non-latex condoms are -

Most of the non-latex condoms are made with polyisoprene materials. Polyisoprene material does not contain the rubber smell and it eliminates the allergies content from the condom.

Polyisoprene made condom also help to prevent sexually transmitted diseases(STDs), STIs and unwanted pregnancies.

Non-latex condom are thermal conductivity, so it transmits more warm effect compare to latex made condom.

Polyisoprene made condom, can use with any type of lubricant like water based, oil based or silicone based.

Non-latex condom is also effective for the people who have sensitive skin.

Many of the non-latex condoms are coated with a lubricant, so you do not need to apply more lubricant.

Recommend flavored condoms

Recommend flavored condoms

The people who are suffering from latex allergy can also use the flavoured condom. The flavoured condom is also used to avoid the unwanted pregnancy and STDs. with different taste and smell. The couple can easily purchase the flavoured condom from an online store or from the market. The flavoured condom is used during oral sex and sexual intercourse. The flavoured condom helps to improve the oral sex. Flavoured condoms are available in different flavours like strawberry, watermelon, cherry, raspberry, vanilla cream, mint, cinnamon, chocolate etc. A flavoured condom is used in similar way as another condom is used. The flavoured condom has sweet smell and taste. A flavoured condom provides the different types of a taste of your choice.

The flavour condom helps the couple to make their sex life more pleasurable. Flavored condoms are available in different size and colour that complements the flavour. The strawberry flavoured condom is red in colour, the banana flavoured condom is yellow in colour, the chocolate flavoured colour is brown in colour, etc. The flavour condom is not so expensive, so many people can purchase it. Food and drug administration (FDA) has approved many flavoured condoms.

Why is a flavored condoms good?

Why is a flavored condoms good

The people who have an allergy to latex condom and rubber smell can easily use the flavoured condom. If the flavoured condom is used in a proper way or in the correct manner then it reduces the risk of unwanted pregnancy and STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). The couple can easily use the flavoured condom. The flavoured condom has all the benefits which other condoms have. The flavoured condom is also made of high-quality material and it is also safe for the skin or body. The flavoured condom provides more pleasant feeling during oral sex and sexual intercourse. The couple can use any types of lubricant of their choice with flavoured condoms. Some of the flavoured condoms are not lubricated, so a couple can add the lubricant of their choice.