How to remove condom: Proper way for effective result. It is important as much as wearing a condom.

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Couples use condom for the contraceptive. After all condoms is highest rate of contraceptive rate. But the incorrect way of remove the condom can decrease the chance of contraceptive rates.

Safe sex is not just about the wearing condom properly and having sex with condom. It is more about that. If you know about the benefit of condom and you should also know about the correct way of removing condom.

How to remove male condom

How to remove male condom

After having a successful sex and ejaculation, you should follow these steps.

Step 1. Be quick

After ejaculation, the erect penis will loosen immediately. That why, you should be quick. If you hold the condom for 15-30 minutes after ejaculation, it is not good. Remove the condom immediately after the ejaculation.

You should not wait for penis softness. If penis get soften, it get difficult for you to remove the condom safely.

Step 2. Roll down the condom

When you are ready to remove condom. Hold the penis in the downwards direction. And you have to remove condom in the downward direction. Hold condom’s tip with one hand and hold base of condom with other hand,. Roll down the condom till the middle and slide it if from the penis.

Remember, do you pull off the condom from the tip. You should be slow while roll down and slide off.

Step 3. Check there is leakage

If you feel any leakage of sperm or wetness, then you need to prepare for back up. Ask your partner to have some birth control pills.

If you don’t feel any wetness, then still you should check condom carefully that there is some leakage or not?

Step 4: Dispose the condom.

Condom is full of sperm, so do not flush. Condom is not a thing that goes in flush.

You have to thrown in garbage. It is environment friendly. Directly throw in garbage is not a etiquette, so wrap used condom in the some paper and throw in details.

Step 5. Use new condom always.

Do not think to re use condom, still if there is no leakage. It is hygienically not good for body. You should use a new pack of condom in every new activity.

When to remove condom?

When to remove condom?

Know the possible and right time to remove condom from penis.

After ejaculation

Men should immediately remove the condom, just after the ejaculation. It is no good to wait. It decease the chances of condom’s contraceptive method.

After a while after ejaculation, semen easily leaks from the condom.

It is said that “is it okay if there is no sperm leak”, but the truth is the size of sperm is 50-60micrometer, which is not visible by naked eye.

Even the condom is fits snugly or does not leaked properly, but there a good chance that it gets leaked unknowingly. So it is good to remove condom just after ejaculation and make distance with the vagina to save egg from get fertilize.

Condom get stretched

Condoms are extremely thin with their material. It is probably 0.02 to 0.05 mm in thickness. If you nail stretched the condom, you may unknowingly damage the condom. Do first, you should handle it careful and second if you know that there is starch over the condom, then immediately remove the condom and replace with new condom.