Right way to use female condoms with easy steps. Know about number of female condom benefit too

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Females, are you aware that female condoms are available in market?

No, it is not new in recent years, but it get famous in soma past years. Female condoms are also known as femidom. It has a very high contraceptive rate about 95%.

Female condom looks like a small plastic bag. It is bigger than male condoms. It goes inside the vagina. After using female condom, there is no need to use male condoms.

How to use female condom

How to use female condom

The usage of using female condom is same like male condom. But it totally different in structure and not made by penis. It is made for vagina. Women, who are going to use female condom for the first time, then it is necessary to learn how to use female condom. IT is not easier like just roll over the penis.

  • First check the expiration date carefully on the female condom packages. If you find, it is expiry, then there is high possibility that it affect your contraceptive rate and get damage at the tie of penetration.

    If it is not expired, open it carefully. Do not tear the condom

  • After open it, you will notice it has two rings at both the ends. If you are using female condom for vagina sex, then keep this rings inside. For anal sex, it is good to remove the inside rings. Now apply some lubricant over it. If it is already lubricant, then it’s your choose you need more lubricant or not.

  • Take a comfortable position, standing, sitting lying, etc, which you feel comfortable. The process of inserting the female condom in the vagina is same like using tampons.

  • Bring this inside ring at the base. Now put the index finger inside the condom and hold it with thumb and middle finger. Open the labia with other hand and insert the ring into the vagina with index finger.

  • Put your index finger and middle finger in the condom and push the ring all the way down. You have to reach to your cervix. You are done with the inside. Make sure condom is not twisted when you pull out your finger from vagina.

  • Cover the entrance of vagina from another end of condom. Make sure to hung condom about some inches like 3cm out form the vagina, so your condom cannot get lost inside.

  • At the time of use, you feel condom spill over, then you can hold the condom from the outside.

  • Why use female condom?

    Why use female condom?

    There are multiple reasons to use female condom for the sex. The contraceptive rate that is 95%, that is lesser than contractive rate of male condom that is 98%. But still many female prefer to use it because it has their own benefit to use it.

  • Female condoms are mainly made by non-latex condom, polyurethane. Men and women who are allergic etc the latex condom or latex material, can use female condom easily. User can not find any latex condom smell or any latex reaction over the sensitive skin.

  • Female condom can be used by any of lubricant. There is no strict rule to avoid oil based lubricant with it. It is made by polyurethane that is comfortable with any type of lubricant ingredient.

  • Female condom does not required erection to use it. Like male condom required erected penis to use it and comfortably to put it on. You can insert female condom anytime whenever you want. You can prepare yourself with contraceptive without starting any foreplay.

  • Female condom can be inserted eight hours before the sex. Yes, it is safe and comfortable to put on condom hours ego before having penetration.

  • Female condom is best option when it is difficult to find suitable condom for your partner. IT is common issue with male, who has small penis and large penis. They enable to find their perfectly fitted condom easily, so at this situation female can take step on condom.

  • Using female condom give maximum pleasure. As female condom have two rings at the both ends. SO at the time of vagina sex, female inner ring stimulate the glan’s tip when men reach to this deep where outside hanging condom stimulate the vulva and clitoris of both. IT is great fun for both the partners.

  • There is no need to remove female condom after having sex. User can use and enjoy it continuously without bothering himself.

  • Does female condom break? If yes, what to do then?

    Does female condom break? If yes, what to do then?

    There is possibility that female condom will break when you are not using it properly or due to heavy friction between penis and condom. Well the possibility is too low. Still if feel that female condom is get damage, the n you have to remove it without it start getting leak.

    Immediately remove the penis and just pull out the outer ring from the vagina. Be carefully while pulling it out.