How to use condoms? how to wear condom properly during sexual intercourse as a better contraceptive method

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True correct use of condoms

True correct use of condoms

If men, women or couple can use the condom then it is important for them to use the condom in the correct manner. When men use the condom, then it is important for them to select the correct condom size of the many type of condom. If men do not select the correct size then the condom will break during intercourse. Before touching the condom it is important for a male to cut their nails. Open the packet of the condom correctly, so that the condom does not get scratched or damage. It is a safe way to not condoms defeated.

Three important things

How to use the correct condom is roughly divided into three blocks.

  • Correct preparation of condoms

    Purchase yourself and prepare a new condom.

  • Wear a condom at the correct timing

    Wear it not only before ejaculation but before insertion.

  • Correct usage of condoms

    Make sure not to break when unsealing and to prevent air from entering.

As it is surprisingly somewhere to fail, there is a possibility of lowering the probability of contraception, so please check it.

Easy Usage of Condoms

Check the front and back side of the condom and place it at the tip of the glans of the penis. Men can also put some drop of the lubricant on the tip of the condom or on the surface of the condom. Now slowly roll the condom towards the base of the penis. After the sexual- activity remove the condom. When female use the condom, then it is important for them to find the inner ring and outer ring. Female partner also uses the lubricant of their own choice.

While wearing the female condom, squeeze the inner ring and slowly insert the condom into the vagina. Push the inner ring up to the cervix. Place the condom in such a manner that the outer ring hangs outside the vagina. After sexual activity, remove the condom slowly. Make sure that while removing the condom, semen does not come out.

Correct preparation of condoms

Correct preparation of condoms

Let's buy best condoms yourself. In things such as those received by a friend, it may be deteriorated by the deadline and preservation method. Be sure to buy it yourself. Online purchase is recommended.

Let's choose the size that suits you. There are individual differences in the size of the penis. There are various sizes of condom according to it. Let's know what your penis size is and fit what you fit.

Be careful with the mobile way. If you put it in your pocket or bag easily, there is also the possibility of damage. It is safe to put in a hard case etc.

Be careful with the preservation method. If you do not know when sex can be done, it will be suitable for storage. Avoid direct sunlight and save it where temperature does not rise. Also note the insect repellent. There is a fear of alteration.

Let's cut the nails short. The condom is made of thin rubber. It easily scratches with nails and teeth etc. When handling, cut the nail short, careful not to break it Maso hot water.

When to use condoms

When to use condoms

The timing is important in one of usage. You can not prevent pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease (STD) even if you use it only when you ejaculate. Even at other times precond is included in sperm, infection with viruses and bacteria even with insertion and oral sex alone. The safest way is to wear a condom before touching genitals. Next, you need to wear a condom before inserting.

Also when wearing it is sure to wear a condom with erection completely. If erection is insufficient, air enters through the gap and it causes falling off. From this, it is important to use it with 100% erection.

After wearing a condom, you can use contraception even in ejaculation in the vagina, but if it is deteriorated or the hole is open, the effect of contraception will be diminished, so ejaculation can be said to be safe outside the vagina.

Correct usage of condoms

There are various condoms like latex condoms such as thin condoms, ribbed condoms, flavored condoms, etc. Basically, the usage is the same. There are various manufacturers such as kohinoor and durex for condom which can be purchased online in India. This also needs to be handled correctly in the same way. Are you using the condoms you use correctly? Why do not you review it again here?

Correct usage of condoms

1: opening a condom

First of all it is from where you can open a condom. When opening the condom, push the bag from the outside and pull the condom toward the edge. And you can carefully open it slowly. At that time, check the front and back of the condom (male side, female side).

If this orientation is reversed, it will be a loss of time because it can not be installed, and the atmosphere that excited himself is also ruined. Be sure to check the front and back. Many types are listed in a condom bag.

Let's completely separate the opened parts. The condom inside is very delicate. It may be damaged by claws and teeth, as well as opened bags. I will do it slowly so as not to hurt the condom. Men are mostly excited when opening a condom.

So be careful not to be treated roughly. Also, be careful as bags of opened condoms may be damaged if they are hard, as they may hurt the penis and condoms themselves.

2: Remove air from condoms

This is the tip of the condom (female side) has a space where sperm will accumulate. There are a variety of condoms, although they exist condom there is no bag to the sperm accumulates, the condom, which roughly can be purchased now in India there is this part. Gently pinch the tip of the condom with your fingers and pull out the air.

If there is air left here the fear of condom breaking at ejaculation and the effect of adhesion will be diminished and pleasure will be halved. Without standing nails, gently air out with the finger's belly and put the male side on the turtle head as it is.

3: Pull the erect penis skin down to the root

If you can afford the penis foreskin, leave the skin at the root before wearing the condom. By doing this you will be able to wear the condom smoothly. I slowly wind down the condom at the glans head. Also at this time I will not involve pubic hair. If it is difficult to unwind, it is possible that the size of the condom does not match.

4: Add the root skin also in a condom

Put the condom in the condom that has been rolled down to the root and firmly attach the condom to the root of the penis. This completes the fitting of the condom.

How to remove condoms, how to throw away

I also recommended that ejaculation is out of the vagina as a safe way to use, but I think that it is mostly the case to ejaculate in the vagina. In that case it is safe to remove the penis from the vagina immediately after ejaculation.

The reason is that after ejaculation the erection state is loose and condom can afford a margin, so there is a risk of sperm leakage. So let's make sure that the condom does not remain in the vagina with the root firmly.

Make sure that condoms containing sperm do not flush to the toilet and throw away into garbage after tying. Because condoms can not be reused, it is disposable. And second time please wash your penis and body and make a second sex after confirming that semen is not attached anywhere. Also there may be sperm remaining in the penis so please leave the distance between the penis and the vagina.

Risks in using a condom wrongly

Risks in using a condom wrongly

A condom is used to prevent unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. But if the condom cannot use properly then the risk of unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases get increases. The most important things for men is to select the correct size. If you select the small or large condom to compare to your penis size, then it may be a break or become loose during penetration. Sometimes when the condom is not worn in a proper manner than during penetration it breaks and semen comes out. If you wear the condom wrong then remove the condom and apply the new condom. Don't apply the failed condom again and again.

While wearing the condom, if male partner pulls the condom too tight then at the time of sexual intercourse the sperm may leak down from the side of the penis. Do not touch the condom with a sharp object like teeth, blade, scissors etc. because it damages the condom. Always wear the condom after the complete erection of the penis, this may help you to cover your whole penis with condom and led to the prevention of leakage of sperm into female partner vagina. The couple can also use a female condom during anal sex. Always be careful while doing anal sex. It is important to apply the lubricant to reduce the friction during anal sex.

Knowledge for proper use of condom

Knowledge for proper use of condom

It is important for the couple, male and female to have the basic knowledge of condom. A condom is a primary source of contraception method, everyone should aware of a condom. A condom helps us to prevent many STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) like HIV, chlamydia, genital herpes, gonorrhoea, HPV, trichomoniasis, syphilis etc. These STDs affects both males as well as female. The condom also helps to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

The couple should use the condom in a proper manner otherwise the success rate of the condom decrease. Male as well as female, both can use the condom during sexual activity. There are different types of condom. The couple can select any of the condoms according to their choice. A condom is not only used for the vagina intercourse but it is also used for the oral sex as well as anal sex. During oral sex and anal sex, it is also important to wear the condom to prevent infection. For oral sex flavoured condom is used. The female condom is used for vagina intercourse as well as anal sex. It is important to have the correct knowledge about a condom, so you can enjoy your sexual life comfortably.

How to handle correct condoms

How to handle correct condoms

As condom is a major source of contraception method. It is available in different varieties, shapes and materials. Some of are made of thin materials gives more sensual texture feeling during intercourse. So be careful while using thin material condoms, during wearing of condoms, apply some lubricant for a smooth sexual drive and for less friction during sex. Now a day, most of the condoms are self-lubricated, so you do not need to apply the lubricant. But if you want then you can apply the lubricant of your choice. Lubricant help to reduce the friction. Avoid using the oil-based lubricant.

The dotted condom or ribbed condoms provide more pleasant feeling during sexual activity. During the sexual activity, if the condom is constantly slipping off then as soon as possible stop the sexual activity because it does not provide you with the necessary amount of protection. The couple can use the condom during vaginal intercourse, anal sex and oral sex. After the sexual activity, you should remove the condom correctly. Don't flush the condom down the toilet. Wrap the condom and throw it into the dustbin.