Lubricated condoms are useful for sexual pain. What is the compatibility between lubricant and condoms?

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What is lubricated condoms?

What is lubricated condoms?

This site also introduces many condoms, but there are various type of condom.

Do you know the Lubricated Condoms? There are actually many kinds of condom casually used, and by sticking to you, you change sex life more safely and pleasant things. Lubricated condoms are condoms that, together with the lubricant or spermicide, as they are named. Lubricant is applied to the tip of the condom to support the moisture of the woman. Many of these lubricants are in the form of jelly are not leaked. Female condom etc. are also made thought of women, but this lubricated condom is also made for women. I am pleased if you become your best condoms.

Condom that will reduce the burden on women

When using a condom, women may feel pain and strangeness of rubber. This lubricated condoms was developed to solve this problem. Although condom and lubricant can be used in combination, there are things that are not compatible depending on what you use.

If it causes damage or deterioration, it makes sense to use a condom. So it was developed to safely eliminate pain. Lubricated condoms gives smooth insertion and feeling of use, so that you can have peace of mind without pain or incongruity. By reducing female pain and concentrating on sex, you become more excited sex and the quality of sex rises. It is a lubricant (love juice) that women can produce, but the amount varies depending on the person. Depending on the physical condition and so on, it is necessary to fill the vagina with the appropriate amount, but if it is less, you will also feel pain and so on. If lubricated condoms alone is not enough slip, we also recommend using additional lubricant. It is a burden of a woman who does not know on the man side. By also noticing it, you can say a gentleman.

What is the cause of the pain when inserting, the lubricant that will cure the pain?

What is called women's love juice is also related to physical condition and age. Recently there are many troubles such as not getting wet too much, dry fast.

The lack of this love juice is causing frictional pain. Even if you play foreplay well, if you dry out quickly you will feel pain on the way. Because both a vagina and a penis are mucous membranes, slippage of moisture is very important. If the mutual genital friction gets stronger it will also cause scarring. The lubricant that will relieve this pain and care is a water-soluble lubricant. Familiar to your skin For a long time, it keeps slipping. And that natural sense of security will lead to a sense of comfort and lead to a positive chain that produces normal love juice. The feeling of sex changes just by having lubricant. In addition, please refer to the article of each link such as how to use condoms, condoms to be defeated, use condom - caution, how to not fail etc.

Relationship between condom and lubricant

Relationship between condom and lubricant

Some condoms have lubricants and others are not. Here we will introduce the relationship.

Role of lubricant in lubricated condoms

"Lubricant" adhering to condoms is one that supports condom deterioration prevention and attachment assistance, and "lubricant" attached to condoms does not replace moisture of vagina. Normally, condom also has something like a lubricant, but this is also used as a deterioration prevention agent for condom rather than as a lubricant.

Is it OK to use another lubricant for the condom?

Is it OK to use another lubricant for the condom?

If it is not lubricated condoms, can not you use lubricant separately for condoms? There is a doubt. The correct answer is half yes and half is no.

Do not use oll-lubricant with condoms!!

There are lubricants that can not be used if used in conjunction with condoms. Initially the raw materials for condoms are many made of latex. Latex is natural rubber, which means that lubricants containing ingredients that lead to rubber deterioration are not suitable. The type of lubricant with poor compatibility is an oily product.

Not only lubricants but also butter, baby oil and lipstick, even citrus essential oils latex condoms deteriorate and may break. Avoid using oil based on lubricant in combination with condoms. It is nice to paint on your body but it is possible that you are about to insert or fingertips, so wash it before using condoms.

Lubricant with compatibility with condoms

Oily(oil-base) lubricants and products are not compatible with condoms. Well, is there no lubricant that is compatible with condoms? If you use it with condoms, water based lubricants are recommended.

There are many things that it is difficult to understand whether it is oily or watery, but in online adult shops etc etc, there are many things which are divided by categories, and they are used properly according to the purpose. And if it is a lubricant to be used condom also for sexual pains, what is formulated with hyaluronic acid or coenzyme is more friendly to the body of a woman.

Regarding moisture of women, it depends on age and physical condition, so it is a place where you want to use mind on the male side. If you use condoms and lubricants please use a water-soluble lubricant.

Choosing a condom thinking about a woman

Choosing a condom thinking about a woman

It is rare for a man to feel pain with sex. However, women's side often feels pain and incongruity. Considering your partner, you can get even higher quality sex by removing that anxiety. To think about the other woman is a natural appearance of a gentleman. Just a matter of contraception is not good, but choosing a condom who thinks about a partner will change your sex life a little. It is important to select the lubricated condoms of spermicide for the risk of pregnancy or to use a safe lube that is even a substitute for love juice in case of pain.

Condom the man requires different functions

The difference as a function required of condoms in men and women is great. Men seek condoms for their condom size and thinness. Since the size of the penis really means individual differences, the size of the condom including the fit and falling prevention is important.

Also, condoms are popular because the male side often purchases condom. Also a thin condond is a priority point for men so that pleasure is not compromised. And, it is a place where I want to emphasize the feeling of use, fitting feeling, premature ejaculation countermeasure function, thinness, delayed countermeasure countermeasure function for men.

Condoms women want different functions

There are other functions of condoms that women prefer to prioritize besides the function of condoms sought by men. Like flavored condoms and lubricated condoms, it cuts out the smell of rubber, fragrance, condoms that eliminate discomfort during insertion and alleviate pain are popular. Also for oral sex, flavored condoms should be better than lubricated condoms. Lubricated condoms are suitable for vaginal sex, but you can use it even at the time of oral sex, but it may taste of lubricant. It will not be very tasty.

Also called texture condom, such as ribbed condoms and dots condom, it is more popular because it increases sensitivity. In these respects there is a slight difference between women and men seeking condom.

What is condoms that are common to both men and women

It is a sense of security to ask condoms in common for both men and women. Also the smooth one is important as a feeling of use. Is it the best if you show the effect of prevention of contraception and infectious diseases and fit the size of men's penis and further lubricants are good compatibility with condoms?

In that sense lubricated condoms are becoming condoms I'd like to recommend for both men and women. There may be other condom that can solve the problems between you and your partner from various types of condoms. You do not have to do anything about condoms, you need to choose. Your sex life will vary greatly depending on the type of condoms. If you buy a condom, you will choose from many kinds of condoms if you are online. Under such circumstances, it may become the key to eliminate dissatisfaction of sex by choosing partner thinking.