How to use a condom with confidence (not fail) , Choosing, Preparation, Using.

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Prevent contraception and venereal disease definitely with a correct condom

Prevent contraception and venereal disease definitely with a correct condom

Risks at condom failure?It infects HIV, infects other sexually transmitted diseases, makes undesired pregnancies. It is a condom that is less than 1 mm thin that avoids such danger. I was torn as I was using a condom, I had fallen apart. I do not want to experience anything like that. By installing and using correct condom you can almost certainly prevent contraception and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. However, various risks come out, such as using it without knowing the correct usage(how to use condom), failing, becoming a sexually transmitted disease or failing contraception. The reason for wearing a condom is largely divided into contraception and prevention of venereal diseases, but it is the effect of using correctly. Learn the correct knowledge to prepare for such risks. There are many types of condoms, such as flavored condoms, thin condoms, ribbed condoms and so on. Let's reduce accidents in condom by finding the best condoms that suits you best among them.

Choose (80% avoidance of the risk of tearing by choosing the right one)

Choose (80% avoidance of the risk of tearing by choosing the right one)

Choosing the right condoms is important before using condoms. However, it is the current situation that you can not examine it by choosing when purchasing a condom. When purchasing at a store you have to ask the staff. I am embarrassed, I can not choose it. Especially for young people, in order to have sex, it may be difficult to prepare the condom in advance and use it as planned. If that happens, is not it a big deal to use the condoms in the meantime? When would you use a condom ready forced to or there is no ready condoms easily when it comes to was supposed to be a sudden sex from the consequences, also will have raised a possibility that torn.

Confirm quality

Confirm quality

Quality is important. It is natural that famous brands or places with good quality are popular with nature. In that sense it is not a mistake to choose a famous condom maker. Britain's popular Durex in the world and Okamoto in Japan are high quality, stable and popular. Because it is cheap, you do not know which country was manufactured, it is safer than using a bad condom. Let's choose only by price, after that it will be irrevocable and it will not cost you extra money.

Confirm size

The place overlooked is the size. Most latex condoms will be covered to some extent because they are stretchy, but depending on the manufacturer the size will change to standard as well. Choosing a condom that fits the size of your penis becomes important. As a standard, refer to the following list and refer to the thickness and diameter of your penis.

  • S - Size: 31 mm - 32 mm
  • M - size: 34 mm - 36 mm
  • L size: 38 mm - 42 mm

There is a possibility that a big penis may break from friction with a regular condom, and there is also the possibility that a large condom against a small penis may fall out. Let's know the size of your penis and choose the size.

opening, confirming deadline etc.

It is a matter of course to use a condom that has not been opened, but it is dangerous to open it by mistake, save it and use it again. Once opened, the condom will degrade and will dry. And it is very dangerous to use degraded condom. There is a possibility that the possibility of tearing rises considerably and remnants may remain in the vagina. In addition or put in the purse even if there is no intention of has been opened, or damaged condoms in advance to put all the way to the bag, there is also a possibility that the deterioration in between do not know. This kind of mistake will also lead to tears. Although it is not well known, there is a usage deadline also in condom. Most of the condom's deadline is set to 5 to 10 years but many things will not be so nervous. However, the rubber which is the raw material of condoms deteriorates. Let's purchase in small quantities (about 10 pieces) rather than purchasing in large quantities and consume them each time. If you purchase in large quantities it will be difficult to store this time. Direct sunlight, as well as the place where it does not get hot is basic. As storage becomes complicated, of course it will also cause problems when using it, so small amounts are recommended one by one.

Preparation (It is the most important moment before insertion)

Preparation (It is the most important moment before insertion)

I care about the size and quality, prepared condoms that match me. The next moment is to wear that condom. Failure or success is also greatly scaled here as well. It is an embarrassing scene, so it tends to be frustrating and sloppy. However, the rate of failures will increase even with wearing here.

Watch out for claws and teeth when unsealing

At sex, insertion is the most exciting place for each other. Wearing a condom is a place I want to finish quickly and quickly. Only feelings will impatient, or opened using the mouth in a hurry, it is possible that damage the condom and vigorously or opened with a nail in the teeth and nails. It is important to gently pull the contents firmly to the edge and open it slowly. Sometimes I am not aware that I have opened a hole when I am in a hurry, sometimes I use a damaged condom and it will be torn. Let's open it securely, looking at your hands without hurting.

Check back and forth

Recently there are condoms that can be attached regardless of the back and front, but most condom exists in the back and front. When it gets dark, you may not know which is on the male side (penis side) or which is on the lady side (vagina side). If you install it in the wrong direction, it will not fit properly, it will come off or it will cause it to tear. Before opening, it is easy to understand but after opening it may become unknown, there are times when you take time to check. When checking before opening and checking after opening, you can check the direction you are wrapping around by blowing your breath and which tip is facing.

Do not insert air at the tip

At the tip of the condom there is a part to accumulate sperm when ejaculating. If the air enters here, it becomes easy to break due to friction with the air. When wearing a condom, be sure to wear it with both hands, with one hand with a tip, install in a form that does not allow air to enter. By doing so you can prevent accidents that can be torn.

wearing in erection state

The timing to put on a condom is difficult. If you are wearing a condom when you are feeling each other's mood, you will feel ill for a few seconds. There are also ways to put a condom in advance for that, but this is dangerous. There is a possibility that the condom will escape rather than break. Ninety percent of condoms escaped during insertion is caused by wearing a condom without this erection. Or miss the timing, and got withered to wearing a condom, if the erection is or I fall, once remove the condom, let's put the condom in a state of being firmly completely erection.

Drop down to the root

If the skin of the penis is somewhat tasty, or if the pubic hair is disturbing and the condom does not fall to the root, I think that there is a case that it is impatient and inserting as it is. When it comes to sex it makes a lot of exercise. If you do not lower the condom firmly to the root, it is often that you take off as it is. Even if the skin of the penis is too much feeling wearing the condom stretched the skin, if pubic hair is the way should be processed in advance, let's mounted from the top of the pubic hair to the root.

Using(If you feel uncomfortable with condom pleasant feeling will halve.)

Using(If you feel uncomfortable with condom pleasant feeling will halve.)

I have been careful about various things from choosing a condom to mounting. Finally I was able to insert and insert the condom, but here I also want to be careful.

Exchange when dry,

There are people who think that it will not dry with partner's love juice if inserted. Of course it seems, sometimes love juice is not enough, or there is lack of condom lubricant. It is recommended that you touch the condom when you are concerned about drying even a bit during insertion. If it seems to be dry, we recommend adding lubricant, or replacing the condom first. Drying for condoms is the biggest enemy. The sex with dry condoms will ruin your chances very much and will also give you discomfort to your partners.

Replace if it is disconnected

Please be sure to throw away the condom if it is inserted and the condom has come off. And it is a replacement for a new condom. Although you can wear a condom once inserted, it becomes easier for air to enter and risks infectious diseases.

When we are pulling out the fundamental of the penis

When ejaculation is over, it is important at the last time to remove from your partner. The penis will become smaller as ejaculation ends. If you leave the penis inserted as it is in the vagina with ejaculation there is also the danger of sperm leakage. If you pull it out more vigorously, sperm may splash and sometimes condoms only remain in the vagina. After ejaculation, it is correct that you slowly extract the fundamentally and extract it.