Importance to know the penis size and how to measure it. I will show you the standard size of condoms.

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Importance of accurately measuring penis size

Importance of accurately measuring penis size

How much do you think your penis size is? Is it average? Is it more than that? It also changes the size etc. of the condom. The standard size of condoms sold in general India is 33 to 36 mm. By knowing the size of your penis you can choose an appropriate condom. In order to figure out your penis size you need to decide how to measure the correct size of the penis.

There are many type of condoms, there are various sizes, differences depending on texture (ribbed condoms and dots condom), flavored condoms, thin condoms, and so on. Most condoms are made of latex, but now other materials are also popular. You can find the best condoms for yourself by measuring your penis. That makes it fun to use condoms without condom failure. For notes on using condoms please see here's link.

By the way, when measuring the size of penis, what kind of condition should we measure? Of course, there is no point in measuring the size of the penis before erection, so we measure the size of the penis after erection . Perhaps many men would like to measure the length from the root to the tip, but I think whether there are many people who do not know where the root of the penis is pointing.

There are many questions such as "From the skin of the surface on which the penis is growing or from the part close to the bone beneath it" and so forth. I do not know the size of the right penis unless I set the basis standards. I will tell you how to measure the size of the penis at the time of correct erection so please challenge it! Please also refer to articles on how to use condoms and condom ED, minute man for condom.

Regarding the size of condom

Regarding the size of condom

I would like to introduce a little about the size of condoms. The size of the condom will be based on the thickness rather than the length. The standard of size, how to call it varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but it seems that it is prepared with roughly the width of S ~ LL. Roughly describe how much size you should use to what extent as information.

Those with a thickness of 31 to 34 mm are S size, 33 to 36 mm for M size, 37 to 38 mm for L size, 44 to 46 mm for LL size equivalent condom seems to be suitable. The number is ambiguous because it becomes a difference for each country and manufacturer, so please search by product name or manufacturer name if there is an item you care. Using condoms that match your penis prevents accidents at the condom, ensures safety and safety through fit, and also pleasant feel.

Before measuring the size of the penis

Before measuring the size of the penis

I summarized what I want you to be careful of before making a penis.

What is the most important attitude

There are limits to checking human instruments or visual checks, etc., and errors will always occur. About 1 centimeter of hundreds of meters of error may not be a big deal, but your penis size is at most 10 to 20 centimeters. Only one centimeter off of them is a major incident. In order to prevent such an error, let's first decide the posture when measuring the size of the penis.

Since it is now measuring the maximum penis size, it is of course important to erect a condition close to MAX to the limit as much as possible, but what is important is the "posture" when measuring the size as much as possible. I think that once you try it, you can feel it, but if the posture is different, the size will be completely different. An error of 1 to 2 cm will come out depending on posture. So it is important to measure with the same attitude every time.

How to measure with a standing posture

The recommended method is to measure with a standing posture. By measuring each time with the same posture, errors can be minimized. There are also things you may wish to be aware of when measuring the penis size. That is to refrain from judging by one measurement. Because the length of the erect penis is not always constant.

Erections in which physical condition is not good or sexual excitement · sexual stimulation is insufficient is not the original erection but it is mostly halfway size. Therefore, we recommend that you set your penis size as the highest value after a few measurements rather than ending with one measurement.

Of course, other postures stabilize themselves. If so, you can accept it there. There are no problems as to how to measure your back on your back and how to measure it while sitting. Please look for a posture that maximizes your penis. The important thing is to "keep the same posture every time" when measuring penis size.

What is a tool ruler to use or is it a major?

Basically any tool can be used when measuring the penis size. It would be nice to use it if the ruler is at home. In the case of a ruler, there is a margin at the end, but since there is no error to that extent, it does not matter either way. Those who do not have majors and rulers at home are recommended here.

How to measure the size of the penis

How to measure the size of the penis

The measured size itself, it is basic to keep constant the conditions to measure, as well as this. As I mentioned earlier, recommended basic attitude is to measure and measure It will explain the detailed measurement method where the basic attitude is decided.

Thickness: How to measure the diameter of the penis and the diameter of the glans

Thickness: How to measure the diameter of the penis and the diameter of the glans

When measuring the diameter of the glans, please measure the width of the thickest part of the glans. If you measure other than this place, you will lose accurate data. When measuring the diameter of the penis, the central part becomes slightly thicker than the part seen from above, so we recommend that you measure it by deducting the pen. The surrounding length can take an exact numerical value by measuring the thickest part other than the glans.

Length 1: Measure the length of the upper part of the penis (apparent length) with the penis kept horizontal with the floor

Standing straight Leave the penis flat with the floor and try to reach the length from the root to the tip. Where the penis erected, as I said earlier, I put my back on the wall and stand firm. Then measure the top of the visible penis roots gently from above and apply a ruler and measure to the tip. Since points are not pressed against the pubic bone, the length depends on the body shape. This is why the fat penis may look small.

Length 2: With the penis kept horizontal with the floor, press the pubic bone (medical length) and measure it

Stand as straight as 1, make the penis also level, push the ruler to the pubic bone and measure it. This is to measure hard from the base of the penis (pubic bone) like a ruler, from where you hit the pubic bone.

In the apparent size, the position of the root changes depending on whether the person is hooked or fat, so I do not know the correct size, and errors will also come out depending on your abdomen condition. It is said that medical length can be measured by using this method if you actually measure urology in the real world.

Length 3: How to measure the stretched length

In the state that it is not time, pull the penis horizontally and measure the length from the base of the upper side to the tip. There are two ways of pressing in the same way as 1 or 2, not pressing. However, in this case it is said that it can not be said that it is an accurate measurement method because the numerical value differs depending on the pulling strength and the like.

Length 4: Do not keep horizontal, measure the erected angle as it is

It is a method of measuring as it is when the penis is facing upward at the time of erection. As the penis is warped, it is measured the shortest.