How to check safe condom? Safe condom and its confirmation method. How secure is a condom?

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What is safe condom?

What is safe condom?

What is a safe condom? What is a condome in the first place? Understand condom that is safe for you and try to have safe sex.

What is condoms? What is safe?

A condom is a contraceptive device that covers a penis in a tubular shape made of rubber and prevents sperm from invading the vagina. The effect is prevention of contraception and STDs infection. A safe condoms means that you will definitely use contraception. An accident happens that the condom will be damaged or dropped out due to mistakes in how to use or condom size. Safe condom will be the best best condom for you.

How safe is a condom?

How safe is a condom?

By properly using condom there is nearly 100% contraceptive rate. However, if the accident (dropped out, broken, or incorrect usage) occurs, the contraceptive rate falls and the contraceptive rate decreases to about 80%. Learn the correct usage and safe condom for safe condom.

Condom dropout or cause of damage

Condoms are not damaged or falling out and condom that will show the effect to the end will be a safe condom, why will it be broken or dropped like that in the first place?

Cause of dropping

Cause of dropping

Various types of condoms are present, like flavored condoms, thin condoms, ribbed condoms, lubricated condoms etc. Various types of condoms are available. but we also introduce various kinds at this site. There are many condoms made of latex, but there are lots of condom size from small S size to XL size. There is size expansion just like clothes.

For safe condom size is important first. Is your penis size bigger than the standard? Is it small? It is necessary to know that. Condoms are made to match the average penis size, but condoms may fall off due to this size difference.

If the condom falls out during sex, the effect of contraception and prevention of STDs are completely lost, which is the same as having sex without a condom. Before buying a condom, checking your penis size and choosing a condom that suits you is one of the safe condom selections.

Cause of damage

Cause of damage

As a cause of breakage, many are methods of storage. I think men often prepare condoms, but when can we have sex? It is a little difficult if you say. Using condom purchased many years ago is a bit risky.

Condom is said to be due within 5 to 10 years from the date of manufacture, but if the storage method is poor the life will be shorter. It is scratched in bags and wallets that are left in hot and humid places. There are various reasons for damage such as damage. If you touch the air also condoms will deteriorate and weak also to heat. Also, when you open it you scratched with teeth or nails, it may break from there. Also be careful about how to use it.

Allergy? What?

If you are allergic to latex, it can not be said to be a safe condom. Plastic polyurethane, polyisoprene, condom made from raw materials such as nitrile etc. are effective for latex allergy.

Confirmation of safe condoms

Confirmation of safe condoms

I prepared several ways to confirm for you to use a safe condom. Please be careful when using condoms.

Confirm package

First of all, most people do not check, it is a package. The moment of putting on a condom is before insertion. At that time you can not check the package etc. Before using it in advance, check it and put it in the back or pouch may have scratches and holes. Such condoms can not be used safely, so let's prepare a new condom.

Confirmation of expiration date

Regarding things that have passed many years since purchasing condoms, I also said before, but since condom may be deteriorated, in this case also degraded condoms may cause breakage, so it is safe It will not become a condom.

Free Condom, too cheap condoms

There are cases where you can not relieve cheap condoms or free condoms. If the material is bad, or you do not know the expiration date, or if there are scratches that you do not notice, it could be damaged or dropped after insertion. Buy condoms yourself and use the reliable things you kept on your own.

Let's buy it yourself

Sometimes you get a condom from a friend or acquaintance. In that case, it may not be so if it is a safe condoms. There is also a problem of size, it does not know the deadline and storage condition. Let's purchase safe condoms yourself. recent you can buy condom on online.