It introduces the effect and kind of spermicidal agent, the advantage in using it, compatibility with condoms and so on.

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What is spermicide?

What is spermicide?

Do you know contraceptives called spermicide? Spermicidal medicine is a medicine that can obtain a contraceptive effect by putting a medicine in the vagina and is a medicine that prevents sperm from being fertilized by the action of dullening and paralyzing movement and work of sperm Become. Although spermicide can be used alone as a contraceptive, spermicide is usually used in conjunction with other contraceptive methods such as condoms in many cases.

It is contraceptive by popular spermicide medicine from the viewpoint that the male side can use contraception without using condoms, take it in advance like a pill and do not need physical condition management. Although men usually use condoms to increase the probability of contraception, if you wear a condom, you will have sex without wearing condoms for reasons such as halving your pleasure. Therefore women want to use these spermicides to protect themselves. it is also important for men to use contests successfully by using the best condom in India.

How often do you succeed in contraception?

How often do you succeed in contraception?

The success rate of contraception of spermicide is said to be 75%. This success rate varies depending on usage, timing, etc. In one study it has been reported that sperm released into condoms coated with spermicidal drugs was 0% both in the rate of exercise and survival rate.

Therefore, rather than using it alone is often used in conjunction with condoms and pessaries to raise the contraceptive rate more often. Even with the use of other contraceptive devices such as condoms basically the contraceptive rate is not 100%. Therefore, to ensure contraception to use together

There are different kinds of spermicide drugs

There are different kinds of spermicide drugs

There are various types of spermicides as there are various types of condoms. Although many ingredients are the same, there are things with different shapes. But for any type you need to use medication before inserting penis. Condoms are size and thinness, material (latex or non-latex), and there are condom such as ribbed, dot, flavored etc. by texture. Please refer to another article. In brands Kohinoor, Durex, KamaSutra, OKAMOTO etc. are popular in India.


The spermicidal medicine is in film form and it is a thin film which is nearly translucent. By folding and inserting into the vagina it becomes a jelly-like shape and the contraceptive spermicidal ingredient exerts its effect.


Jelly type spermicides are often used with pessaries. It is tubular and will be inserted directly into the vagina. It looks like a shape that made the tampon a little thin.


Although it is said to be a tablet, it is not an oral medicine, it is a medicine which directly inserts directly into the vagina, it foams with the moisture of the vagina and melts and widens the spermicidal component.

Benefits and attention using spermicide

Benefits and attention using spermicide

Spermicidal medicine may be an unfamiliar contraceptive, but let's take it as an option from now on. However, let's know the advantages and disadvantages of spermicide before use.


Easy to use, after a few minutes the effect appears, few side effects, pleasure will not be impaired. Are these four points an advantage of spermicide? When contraceptive with Oral Contraceptives (OC), there is no effect unless it is taken for at least 7 days in advance, whereas the spermicidal drug is inserted into the vagina and it will be effective after a few minutes. Also in the case of men, pleasantness will not be impaired by wearing a condom etc. And it is safe to have few side effects.


Before using it there are a few things to note. If it can not be used at the outset it is difficult to insert and you can not get the contraceptive effect properly. This can be said of the condom. If you mistake how to use a condom, the contraceptive rate will fall. There is also a point that it is difficult to obtain because the recognition level is not so high. And the most important is the effect on the skin. Of course, you can not use it if you are allergic to rash or rash. Also, if you use only spermicide simply, stimulation tends to be stronger than using a condom, so it is a problem for Indian minute man.

How can I insert? Using proper usage and condom together

How can I insert? Using proper usage and condom together

There are three types of spermicides, tablets, films, and jelly, but the basic usage is the same for any of them.

How to use correct spermicide

Since both will be inserted directly into the vagina, it may feel difficult at first, but if you get used to it you can insert it in a few seconds. When inserting a spermicide drug, let's sit on a chair, open legs, find a posture that makes it easier for you to insert yourself as a stooping. In case of film, fold small with clean hands, use the fingertips to insert to the entrance of the uterus.

It takes about 10 minutes until the contraceptive effect is obtained after insertion is complete. In case of jelly, insert the jelly using a special syringe. Push it close to the uterus with a feel like extruding jelly like a tampon. Jelly will soon dissolve the ingredients, so the effect will be demonstrated immediately.

In the case of tablets, insert it as far as the entrance of the uterus slowly with the index finger placed just like the film. It takes about 10 minutes until the contraceptive effect is obtained after insertion is complete.

Combined use with condoms

When used in conjunction with a condom may be used inside a condom and into a vagina. When inserting into a condom, it is scratched by a film etc and it may break, so a film type is inserted into a vagina, then a method of inserting a penis wearing a condom is generally used. By combining spermicide and condoms, contraception will be successful with a high probability. It is safe because there is a spermicide drug even when condoms are disconnected on the way.