What is STD that can not be prevented even by a condom? Reason why condom is not 100% safe

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Condom and STD

Condom and STD

There are two main reasons for using condoms. It is the prevention of contraception and sexually transmitted diseases (STD). I will talk about the relationship between the condom and the STD here. Let's prevent STDs such as AIDS and Chlamydia precisely with a condom. There are also other types of STDs, but there are STDs that can not be prevented even by condoms. In order not to become condoms to be defeated you must also know how to use the correct condom. To that end, knowing the size of your condom and your penis size may be a short cut. It is uneasy if condoms for prevention of STD are torn. Those who refer to these links please refer.

Great advantage of condoms

Currently, many types of condoms are being sold worldwide, and in India, we know that the usage rate of a condom is quite high. Condoms are an indispensable item for a better sex life, and it helps to prevent contraception and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. In recent years thin condom is made with a thickness of about 0.01 mm and something with quite high sensitivity is on sale.

There are also many other kinds of condoms, and popular are flavoured condoms that do not give a bad smell of rubber, and ribbed condoms that brings further stimulation. Both are mainstream latex condoms but they are very popular.

STD What is "Sexually Transmitted Diseases"?

STD What is

STD is called "Sexually Transmitted Diseases" or STI "Sexually Transmitted Infections", both of which are a collective term of diseases that are infected by sex and other acts. In India, both STD and STI are used in this sense. The number of patients has increased rapidly over the last few years, and if you are a sex person, it is a disease that anyone can take.

There are also many illnesses without subjective symptoms, and it is also characteristic that infected persons are liable to treat treatment. It is written as STD here.

What is the infection route? How do you get infected?

The infection route of STD is not only sexual activity but also injection of injection and mother-to-child transmission. It infects mainly with body fluids from the skin and mucous membranes of infected persons such as genitals, mouth, and anus. This is because sex acts cause invisible wounds in the mucous membranes, from which they infect through body fluids and blood of the infected person.

Ordinary sex with vagina and penis also unexpectedly infects even oral sex such as blow job and anal sex etc. In India, in recent years the infection of Chlamydia and gonorrhoea's throat and eyes are also increasing. AIDS (HIV) is also one of the STDs and is infected by sexual activity.

STD ??which cannot be prevented even with a condom?

STD ??which cannot be prevented even with a condom?

A condom is a contraceptive device aimed at preventing infection of STD. If both are used correctly it will show great effect. On the contrary, sex acts that do not use a condom can be said to be the risk of any illness. Condoms are important for sex with non-partner. But that condom cannot be prevented from all STDs. Some STDs infect by touching the other's body. The same can be said for a female condom.

STD to be noted

Even if you do a condom 100% cannot be prevented by all means. I will introduce the STD to be noted here.


First of all, syphilis cannot be prevented with condoms. Syphilis infects its skin because it causes symptoms in various parts of the whole body. Kissing and oral sex can also be infected because infectivity is also very strong.

In many cases, it appears in the vagina or penis so in that case, the condom is very effective. However, because it can be done anywhere in the body, it will be infected if you touch it, it will be a disease that can not be completely prevented with a condom alone.


Next, it is a strong infectious herpes. This STD will blister and break. The cause is a virus named herpes virus. It infects the body by small wounds around the genitals and inflamed parts. The virus is contained in the seminal fluid, body fluid of vaginal secretions, etc.

However, since it contains a large amount of virus in blisters, it may infect by just touching it. A condom is also effective for prevention of genital herpes, but if you have blisters on the outside of the vagina, the root of the penis, etc., you can not prevent it.

Genital Warts

Genital Warts are unique warts that can be genitals. This cause is a virus named Human papillomavirus (HPV). It infects cells from small wounds of skin and mucous membranes and develops after latent period after infection. This virus infects skin and mucous membranes around genitalia, so it touches when it touches. Condoms are effective in genital cases, but viruses may be present in other skin and mucous membranes, so you can not completely prevent it.

Cervical cancer

Cervical cancer, like Genital Warts, is cancer caused by a virus called human papillomavirus (HPV). But the virus genotype is different. It is known that condom has a preventive effect on human papillomavirus infection and the probability of infection decreases. The causative human papillomavirus is often located in a place other than a penis or vagina that can be protected with a condom and cannot be prevented completely.

In addition, human papillomavirus causing cervical cancer is a virus that once infected anyone if it is a woman who performs sexual activity. There is not much need to worry about infection, it can be prevented by receiving cervical cancer screening.

Crab louse

Crab louse is a small insect that infects pubic hair. In recent years, there are more pubic hair trims and shaved people, and although it is a STD that is not seen much, this cannot be prevented with a condom too. Crab louse moves to the other person and infects when the pubic hair contacts at the time of sex at the time of sex. But since Crab louse does not do much with its own power, it will not infect unless you touch it directly.

Also, Crab louse will not be infected through towels or futons because it will die in a few days when leaving a person.



How was that? Although it is a condom that can prevent many STDs, there is a cause of STD besides penis and vagina before that, so sexually transmitted diseases with condom alone cannot be completely prevented. For condoms with non-specific partners, condoms are an effective means, but let's realize that infection may occur in addition to that. At the moment also kits etc which can check the STD by themselves are sold and it can be confirmed with that.