Different types of condoms: Must know to enjoy sex like ribbed condoms, flavoured condom, etc

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11 types of condoms, what are there??

Various types of condoms

Condoms are essential in sexual life. Not only for, it prevents you from unwanted pregnancy and STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases). But it adds up the pleasure. Currently condoms have various types of condoms. color? shape? size? thinness? thickness? function? texture? Condoms with added value are mostly more than ordinary condom. You need to know what is the best condom for you.

Today, there are various types of condoms are available. Here we bring some list, to clear your doubts.

  • Latex Condoms

    These latex condoms are mostly used by a male because it is cheaper among all condoms. These condoms are made of natural rubber or latex. Latex Condoms has more elasticity. It can stretch up to 800%. Latex Condoms are not suitable to use with oil-based lubricant or any oil based products, Vaseline etc. It slips off or damages the condoms. use water or silicone based lubes with Latex condoms.

  • Non-Latex

    Non-Latex condoms are made by Polyisoprene material, that make condoms latex free. Now, there are no excuses to avoid condom if you are allergic to latex, use non-latex condoms. These condoms are compatible with oil based lubricant too. It gives you more comfort and pleasure, suitable for all who want to feel the moment.

  • Female Condoms

    These condoms also are known as Insertable condoms or FC2. Condoms that are worn by a female instead of male. Female condoms 100% secure and safe. These condoms are made by non-latex or by nitrile. They can be worn inside the vagina or anus.

  • Flavoured Condoms

    Flavoured condoms are for the oral lovers. it adds some flavour to your regular condoms. It prevents you from ST's with flavour. Women prefer to use these condoms. there are many flavoured are available in flavoured condoms. Get your one.

  • Ribbed & Texture condom

    The Ribbed & Texture condom has a built-in texture that adds stimulation in addition to normal condom. Stimulation is added when inserting into the vagina by adding fine ribs like a ring to a condom . There are dotted condoms of dot processing as another texture. The texture condom has condoms which are processing these two points. The other intense processing is popular as a penis sleeve as a toy rather than a contraceptive as a condom.

  • Thin condoms Thin condom is made as thin as possible and can be confirmed at present, the thinnest condoms are 0.01 mm. The condoms t

    hat make you feel illusion that you do not have condoms are made of materials other than latex, and by further conveying body temperature you are losing the wall of condoms with partners. Of course there is also durability.

  • Thick condoms

    By using Thick condoms you can extend your ejaculation time. There is the word minute man, but sometimes we call men who can not tolerate one minute after being inserted, that is premature ejaculation. If you think that you will satisfy your partner, thick condoms is one of the means.

  • Spermicide condom

    There is also a condom that has further contraceptive effect as Spermicide condom. Spermicide is applied to the tip of the condom, and the contraceptive rate is raised further. The contraceptive rate of condoms is not 100% so it is known as a safer condoms.

  • Lubricated condoms

    Lubricated condoms are already coated with lubricant and become condoms to support during insertion. There are many women who feel that moisture of the vagina is insufficient at the time of sex. Lubricated condoms are popular as women's condoms because they may feel pain due to lack of moisture.

  • Small and Large condom

    The size of the condom is very demanding. There are various differences in the type of condoms, but this size is very important. There are individual differences in the size of the penis. So small condom are avilable for small penis man and large condom are avilable for large penis men.Are you properly choosing the size that condom fits? It is necessary in order not to fail on condom.

  • Specialty Condoms

    Many additional types of condoms are included in Specialty Condoms. It includes glow-in-the-dark, textured, and pleasure shaped. The choice this condom, if it mentions that it is helpful in STI and HIV prevention.

Are special condoms worth it?

Are special condoms worth it?

Yes, special condom is worth it. Condoms are available in many types because of many preferences of men. Preference of men varies according to the size of penis and pleasure of penis.

For a guy, what is special condom?

A condom that perfect fit for the size and that perfectly matches their needs is a special condom. Men should be sure about their condom choices where it can be any of condoms from all types like ribbed, small, large, dotted, flavoured or other.

Regular latex condoms are highly used worldwide. But couples prefer to carry some of the condoms. regular condoms have variation too in shape, structure, texture. You can get thin latex condoms. Ultra-thin condoms are best to use. It provides you true pleasure and true touch. Due to its thickness, women feel the penis with protection. Each has its own characteristics, how to is almost the same.

Before purchasing any condom, measure the size of penis first. if you have a small size of a penis, you may go through small condoms or snugger fit condoms. Or if you have a larger size of the penis as compare to average size, long condoms also available in the market. Experience sex couples, surely enjoy the ribbed condom intercourse. The ribbed condom has rough surface means have dotted texture. Ribbed condom's raised ridges around the whole condoms enhance the pleasure and create a sexual sensation. Ribbed condoms also are known as Dotted Condoms.

Why choice a new condom?

Why choice a new condom?

Ya sure, Regular Condoms are highly used in all over the world but it has limited features. To try new condoms, add up the new specification. First, start with Flavoured condoms, Flavoured condoms came with many flavours on normal condoms. It adds flavour to sexual act and spice up the moment. It is easily acceptable by women.

Ribbed Condoms, Ribbed condoms has dotted texture. There are lots of dot on condoms that generate roughly texture and more pleasure in the act. It is safer and women prefer to use. It makes women more sexually aroused.

Likewise, compare with Non-latex Condoms. These condoms are totally beneficial for the one who has a latex allergy. It eliminates the latex from the condom because it is made of synthetic material. Non-Latex Condom is used all everyone who wants to feel.

To compare with spermicidal condoms, regular condoms do not have lubricant, then you have to use some lubricant in intercourse, but spermicidal condoms have enough lubrication which helps to kill sperms. But most of the men are allergic to use. First check that is you are ok with condoms.

Knowledge of condom

Knowledge of condom

Condoms can be used from 150 years ago. It is one of the safest and easiest ways to enjoy the sex without any worry. Condoms are best way to prevent unplanned pregnancy. A condom is a thin and stretchy pouch that wear on the penis. Mainly it is made of latex rubber, polyurethane, Nitrile, or polyisoprene, or lambskin. People use their condoms according to needs. Condoms help to stop? Sperm!! from getting into the vagina, so sperm can’t meet up with an egg and cause pregnancy. Condoms are also helpful to prevent STDs by covering the penis, which prevents contact with semen and vaginal fluids and restrains the skin-to-skin contact that can spread sexually transmitted infections. But remember, using lambskin condoms is not helpful in protecting against STDs. Only latex rubber, polyurethane, Nitrile, or polyisoprene condoms do.

During use of condoms, check expiry date first. Take proper technique to use or wear the condom. Use two fingers to place the condom on the penis. Roll down the condom on the penis when a penis is erect. Before intercourse, play a foreplay is also a good option. It makes you feel erect.

Benefits of condoms?

Benefits of condoms?

Condom is a form of contraceptive form, which is available for both men and women nowadays. By which the reproduction function is stopped, the condom is a thin membrane-shaped rubber; it is used primarily to prevent sperm from going into the vagina before co-occurrence. HIV condom effect It prevents HIV and AIDS from sexually transmitted diseases. The condom prevents the reproduction caused by covering the penis. It remains kept in a plastic packet or in a bag like a pouch. Using condom, both men and women are safe. Wearing a sex toy condom can be used for safe sex then with real penis or artifical penis.

Use condoms with sex toys?

Use condoms with sex toys?

Using condoms enhanced play and as well as offer safe sex. Condom helps ease the sex action. When it comes to use it with sex toy, definitely it is not gone work as barrier. There is no sperm that can transmit from sex toys like dildo or vibrator or any of sex toys. But there is dust particle, bacteria and tiny particles that can transmit and leads to the bigger problem like infection or uneasiness.

So, using a condom in every sexual act where it is masturbation or sex, it is always good to use sex toys.

Sex toys are made of different types. Condom is compatible with all type of sex toy material. If you are using sex toy with condom, then your sex toy is not going to be dirty. You can buy a condom from a medical store online and use it, it is very easy to buy.