How to properly dispose of used condoms. burnable garbage or unburnable? Timing to remove the condom and discard it

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What about used condoms? What is the best method of processing after use?

What about used condoms? What is the best method of processing after use?

Condoms are used whenever you have sex. In India, condoms are used for contraceptive purposes, STDs infection prevention, etc. The usage rate also exceeds 80%. Compared with other countries it is like mandating wearing condoms. Although it is an item for sex, how is the best way to handle after use? It is also called condam, but both condom and condam are correct. If you do not do the correct way to throw it away, it is not a proper usage. If you do wrong handling, it is certain that contraception and venereal prevention will be ineffective.

Processing method immediately after using condoms

Condoms are widely used for contraception and prevention of STDs, and if used properly it will greatly increase the probability. There are also various types of condoms, is not it popular in India such as thin condoms, ribbed condoms, non-latex condoms, flavored condoms etc? If you are looking for the best condom, this article will be helpful "What's the best condom in India?"Therefore, many people use it in India, how are you guys after use?

Basically condoms are used up once, so they can not be reused. Rubber of condom once used will be stretched and will lose elasticity. Even after ejaculation you will need a new condom if you do it for the second time. I can not recommend it because there is a possibility of sperm leakage and possibility of breaking even if I use the condom once used as it is. Condoms are one for each ejaculation. Of course I can not wash it and reuse it. Let's dispose of it once it is used because rubber is stretched.

The second sex depends on your partner's energy, but if you use it once, let's use a new condom.

And the important thing is to take a condom before throwing it away. After ejaculation, the penis slowly evolves. If you ejaculate in the vagina pull out the penis promptly. There is a gap between a sharp penile penis and condoms, and there is a possibility that sperm may leak from there. Let's dispose of condoms immediately so as not to let semen flow out. If you do not understand the your penis size and you are wearing a large condom or a small condom, it also causes sperm leakage.

And it is better to do the disposal method as follows. For details of how to use, please click here. "How to use condoms?"

  • Slowly remove semen so that it does not leak when removing condom from penis.
  • Please check if you are torn when removing from the penis, often do not see much.

    You can improve the effectiveness of contraception by confirming after the incident. Let's check whether contraception and venereal prevention are done.

  • If you throw away the condom as it is, it will leak semen and smell etc. Let's connect the top so that semen does not leak out.
  • Wrap the condom tied in a tissue and discard it into the trash can.

    It is not good hygienically or apparently if not wrapping anything.

  • Precautions for processing immediately after use

    Precautions for processing immediately after use

    As a caveat for processing after use, if you dispose of it like the above list, there is no mistake, but wrapping with tissue is important. There are two reasons for this.

    First of all it is a smell. Semen and body fluids are attached to the condom. If you leave it as it is it will fill the room with a bad smell. Also after that germs are boiling and hygienically not very good condition so the condom ties firmly and we recommend that you wrap it in a tissue as there are body fluids around the condoms.

    Another reason is that it does not touch bodily fluids (sperm and love juice). If your partner is sexually transmitted. Body fluids may contain viruses and pathogens. In order to avoid touching the mucous membrane as much as possible, after using it securely wrap it with tissue and do not touch body fluids. There is no point in touching there, becoming a sexually transmitted disease.

    How to properly throw used condoms

    How to properly throw used condoms

    After wrapping the condom firmly with tissue, what will you do? What are you doing all the time? Is it a garbage can? Or are you trying to separate it? What is the correct way of throwing away for condoms?

    used condoms is burnable garbage? unburnable garbage? recyclable garbage?

    Most of raw materials of used condoms are made of latex. Currently condoms are made of other materials (polyurethane etc.), but this latex is natural rubber. And in the case of rubber and plastics it may be treated in urban areas as unburnable garbage and recyclable garbage. However, in case of condoms it is okay to treat it like a normal burnable garbage. Because there is not so much used for one, even if it burns it is also a safe ingredient. Also sometimes wrapped in tissue, let's just dispose of it with other burnable garbage.

    If you use condoms outdoors, let's treat them as burnable garbage instead of throwing away. Let's throw it away in the garbage can or take it home. Condom is naturally not broken down. It is not good hygienically as I mentioned earlier as I throw it away.

    Is it okay to use used condoms in the toilet?

    Is it okay to use used condoms in the toilet?

    There seems to be a method of disposing condoms to the toilet. In the case of a toilet of water washing, if you let the condom flow, it surely clogs up. If you have the opportunity to use condoms in the toilet, do not let the condom flow into the toilet. Condoms do not melt with water, so easily wrapping them in toilet paper and shedding it will be a serious thing. It is safe to wrap it in toilet paper after use, but let's dispose of it as a burnable garbage.